Pandemic is also affecting the investing world.

Here is the exclusive coverage about COVID-19 and its consequences in terms of startups and investing.


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Fundraising during coronavirus: Are startups screwed? 

10 minutes read - Sifted

Will VCs stop investing? Which companies will be most affected? Find out the answers in this article full of interesting points from Angel Investor's perspective.

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Startup funding dwindles due to Coronavirus Slowdown

20 minutes read - The Wall Street Journal

Big companies that count on startup acquisitions as a form of Research and Development face a smaller pipeline of promising technology ventures.


The coronavirus is hurting global startup investments

15 minutes read - Startup Genome

The world has been shaken up by the coronavirus, and the global startup community is no exception. Let’s see how startups are being affected since the onset of COVID-19.

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Who is ready to invest? 

Would you like to know who will be adapting and supporting their existing investments or be making even more investments in strong founding teams? Check this sheet!

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