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We're interested in early-stage startups founded in or linked to the CEE region.

Lumus is a syndicate consisting primarily of female angels who write checks ranging from €30,000 to €300,000.

Application process

1-send us your .png

1. You can submit your pitch deck here👇


Just a heads up, we don't require warm introductions - we're always on the lookout for exceptional founders, whether we have a prior connection or not, but we might be a bit slower to reply due to the high volume of pitches we receive here. 


Looking forward to hearing from you!

2. prescreening.png

2. Initial conversation 

We do our best to review every pitch deck that comes our way, but we receive a high volume and may not be able to provide feedback on all of them. However, we will reach out to founders whose businesses align with our investment thesis to gather more details and schedule an initial conversation.

3. pre screening.png

3. Call with the Lumus team 

During this step, we'll delve deeper and conduct a thorough analysis. We're excited to learn more about you as a founder, your team, and your startup! This is also a time space for us to collect references. 

interview with angels.png

4. Fundraising 

It's time to start fundraising! You might speak to some angels from our community, but it's not always the case and it varies from case to case. 


5. Signing the documentation and receiving the investment 


This is where we iron out all the final details and set expectations for our future collaboration. We're thrilled to see what amazing things you will build with the funding and support you've received. It's an exciting time for everyone involved!

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