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Lumus Manifesto

Updated: May 5, 2021

Coming from different professional backgrounds, we all experience and feel the alarmingly low numbers of female angel investors and female investors in general.

At present, women are seriously underrepresented in angel investing. Women own about half of the European wealth but, by various estimates, make up no more than a few percents of angel investors.

Female Angel Investors in Europe

Even though the number of female angel investors increased by 100% in the last 10 years, there are only 10% of women in Venture Capital in Europe. Studies indicate that women bring a holistic perspective on investment decisions — yet only 1 in 5 of all angel investors are women.This under-representation leads to the lack of diversity of:

  • Investors

  • Founders

  • Type of startups funded

We can’t build a world that values women equally if women aren’t a bigger part of the building. More angel investors are not the only answer, but it is an essential element, and women must be part of it.

Furthermore, a research conducted by UK Business Angel Association in 2018 revealed that women were not investing in syndicates, reflecting an EU-wide lack of opportunity to join women investment clubs.

And that’s why we created Lumus Investment Collective, to educate, support, and connect women to (really cool) investment opportunities. We are striving to improve the low representation of women among investors by contributing our bit to lower the barriers for any female to become an angel investor.

Why women angel network?


Due to leveraged know-how, an angel group has a better judgment capability. Syndication also makes conducting due diligence faster and less expensive.


As a group, one’s personal investment risk is lower and the portfolio is diversified by investing in more startups.


Members of angel networks have direct access to business opportunities but also have a unique opportunity to meet like-minded people, learn and exchange experiences with their peers.

What does LUMUS Investment provide?

👉 Empowering & Educating the community of female angels

👉 Igniting investments into diverse founding teams

👉 Creating opportunities to diversify the investment portfolio

👉 Collecting and publishing essential resources related to gender distribution in investments and startups in CEE.

We definitely need more women in Angel investment! Let's build a world that values women equally! Will you join us? 😉

Zuzka, Terez, Luc, Vladi

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