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Why we invested in Houston

Houston is a learning platform for remote teams, based on an algorithm that measures how employees' behavior changes once they have gained new knowledge. The company was founded in 2020 by Robert Blaga (37 years), a specialist with over 10 years of experience in the training industry gained in companies such as Michelin or Brainiup (development and learning through games). Over the years, he worked with leaders and teams in over 40 countries.

The total EUR 200,000 funding will be used for bringing additional talent on board and laying the foundation for expansion to the US market that will enhance their already impressive 56% month over month growth. Just in a few months, Houston has onboarded its first clients in Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates. Renowned corporations such as Deloitte, Continental Automotive, Pfizer, Microsoft, Salesforce, or Sony have already tested the platform. In general, companies going through the training with Houston are market leaders that focus on innovation.

A sneak peek at Houston's platform

Robert Blaga, Houston’s CEO explained why the company welcomed the investment from 10 female angel investors, members of Lumus Investment Collective: “Lumus has provided more than an investment, it has provided valuable insight, know-how and a network with expertise in multiple industries and fields. Their network is extremely diverse and their expertise spans many industries and countries, which I believe will help us navigate our business into the future.”

Lucia Cerchlanova, our Lumus’ co-founder expressed the rationale behind the club’s first investment: “The passion Robert talked with about the online learning space could not be unnoticed. He eagerly explained two major flaws in online learning: attrition and effectiveness and eloquently walked us through his thinking about possible solutions. These are exactly the type of founders we are looking for and we want to work with at Lumus Investment Collective”.

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