Stay educated in Investment world is essential.

Here are some tips for sources where you can get a hands-on training in Angel Investing and become an Angel pro! 


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Learn how to Angel Invest:

Online course

To be an Angel investor you don’t have to have stacks of cash or decades of experience. In this free online course, provided by Future Investor, you'll learn the basics and hard-learned strategies to start Angel investing.


Female Funders: Angels Academy

Female Funders offers an investor accelerator program that gives corporate and tech leaders the knowledge, access, and network needed to become successful early-stage investors.


How to become an Angel in 8 steps

This article by Forbes summarizes eight main steps to successfully getting started in angel investing.  Are you curious about how do people really get started as angels?  And how do you know it is right for you? Check this article to find out an answer!

Why It’s The Right Time To Become An Angel Investor?

Angel investing is NO more territory of only the super-rich. Here are the 7 Reasons why It’s The Right Time To Become An Angel Investor In Startups!

Wanna learn more? 

Perfect, because we have prepared something extra for you. 


All important


All reports about Investing, Startup ecosystems, and impact of COVID -19 in one place? Here you go. All important reports by Startup Genome are waiting for you!

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Who is ready to invest? 

Would you like to know who will be adapting and supporting their existing investments or be making even more investments in strong founding teams? Check this sheet!


Startup growth calculator

This tool calculates how much funding your startup needs. Assuming your expenses are constant and your revenue is growing, it shows when you'll reach profitability and how much capital you'll burn through before then.

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