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Our Portfolio

A list of startups backed by Lumus Investment Collective




Houston is the developer of a learning platform based on an algorithm for measuring how employees' behavior changes once they have gained new knowledge. The company was launched in March 2020 by Robert Blaga, a specialist with over ten years of training experience.


🗓 2021
✅ exited  



Zenoo is a pet wellness D2C brand delivering healthy raw dog food and content subscription service in Lithuania and very soon across the EU. They are creating a healthy alternative for the pet owners that don’t want to feed their dogs with commercial kibble food. On top of it, Zenoo is building a digital platform to help pet owners to take care of and train their pets. 

🗓 2021


Screenshot 2021-07-05 at 19.03.20.png



Bikefair is a facilitated marketplace for verified second-hand bikes based in the Netherlands. No stolen bikes, no scam, just great prices from both bike shops and individuals. The bikes are delivered to customers' homes. Bikefair focuses on trust, simplicity and fun for the end-user.

🗓 2021




myTamarin is the next generation of one-stop-shop childcare service - parentcare. Their B2B2C approach for parents and progressive employers provides personalized resources for parents/employees during their key life stages. 

🗓 2022

📍London, UK



iluria health 


iluria health is building a clinically validated remote monitoring software for ADHD patients. The startup is replacing manual (and costly) “trial and error” approach with a machine and deep learning-based engine which analyzes changes in physiological markers (smart wearable agnostic) to provide objective monitoring to physicians and other stakeholders.

🗓 2022




Flow is an elementary school focusing on future-ready, project-based children's education. Flow is creating space for learning cognitive, emotional, and collaborative skills, so much needed in the world nowadays. 

🗓 2022

📍Prague, Czechia

Screenshot 2022-08-02 at 23.21.39.png




The future of work is flexible! Roleshare helps companies retain employees who want time flexibility by matching them to share full-time, mid to senior-level jobs together or with freelancers, part-timers, or fractional workers. Role-sharing comes with many benefits, see the blog post here

🗓 2022

📍London, UK
🌪️ closed down 



Flinn uses AI to automate data collection, evaluation, and reporting, making medical devices more accessible for those who need them most. You can read about their story and the fundraising round here. We're thrilled to be a part of their journey and can't wait to see what they accomplish. 

🗓 2023

📍Vienna, Austria





Macromo employs its advanced Macromo Engine to analyze data from wearables, genetics, and lab tests worldwide. Instead of isolating data sets, we aim for a comprehensive view. Our goal: shift healthcare from reactive to proactive, focusing on targeted prevention and self-care. 

🗓 2023

📍Prague, Czechia

We have a few unannounced investments.

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