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Why did LUMUS invest in the unconventional startup FLOW?

At Lumus Investment Collective, we invested in a non-traditional startup for the first time ever particularly in FLOW. FLOW is an innovative elementary school in Prague that aims to prepare children for a rapidly changing world and a future full of unknowns. FLOW impressed us with a very strong vision and commitment to innovatively address a long-standing problem in the education market that is not responding to the current challenges of society. As a result, FLOW was awarded $500,000 in the initial seed round. The idea of a high value-added elementary school was backed by investors from the startup, tech, real estate, and foodservice space.

The school aims to provide children with the development of cognitive and social skills, emotional intelligence, collaborative skills or overall wellbeing.

FLOW responds with its vision to a pressing problem and that is the incompatibility of the educational process with the current and future requirements of society. FLOW's vision is to create a comprehensive system of contextual education that promotes the holistic development of children that responds to the needs of a complex and ambiguous future.

The school aims to provide children with the development of cognitive and social skills, emotional intelligence, collaborative skills or overall wellbeing. An innovative school aims to be the opposite of today's education, which often fails to respond to children's individual needs and characteristics, which can stifle their authenticity and impede personal development.

FLOW's focus responds to the demands of building the skills of the future, as defined by the World Economic Forum. Children will have the opportunity to natively acquire social and leadership skills in synergy with technology, which will create a quality foundation for their functioning in the knowledge economy.

"Children will learn to work with modern technologies of 3D printers, virtual and augmented reality in the school. They will also engage in creative work in animation, photography and programming. We have a very enthusiastic teaching team, which will be actively complemented by experts in the development of all key competences. Our aim is to deliver innovative and relevant education worthy of the 21st century," adds Marv Shamma, founder of the startup FLOW, who has an interesting professional background, from the world of technology, leadership and innovation.

FLOW offers a comprehensive educational future-ready approach, which we have chosen to support with our investment community. This startup is quite specific as it doesn't offer any tech solution or online platform. On the contrary, it comes with a physical concept that perfectly answers today's domestic educational challenges. Marv Shamma, the founder of FLOW, is extremely passionate about his vision, which immediately convinced us that we wanted to be a part of this socially beneficial project. In addition to his passion, his vision is backed by years of experience in different fields such as AI, tech but also soft-skills facilitations for large corporations around the world.

We look forward to standing together with FLOW for a socially important change and welcome the first students on the school premises to kick off the first FLOW’s school year in September.

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