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Hello, Future Investor

Gain knowledge to invest with confidence and purpose

We make the topic of angel investing inclusive, comprehensive and fun to learn! 

Sign up for our educational course to master the essentials of angel investing. Not only will you dive deep into the fundamentals, but you'll also have the chance to craft your unique angel investor profile.

March 13 and March 20, 2024

Learn to see the startup world differently

Learn the fundamentals of angel investing

Welcoming more angel investors into the field is about more than just adding variety to the investment world.

It's a step toward fairness, toward a distribution of wealth that makes room for all, and toward opening doors to possibilities that were once out of reach.


It's our stride toward a future full of collective achievements.

“This course completely exceeded my expectations, and I highly recommend it to anyone curious about how investing works. As a bonus, you'll get to meet some fantastic female leaders"

Anina, Hello, Future Investor alumna



📆 Two lessons: the first on March 13 and the second on March 20, 2024

⏰ From 5 PM BST / 6 PM CET

⏱️ Each lesson is 2 hours long

📚 You will be granted lifetime access to a wealth of resources designed to aid in your lesson preparation

Who is this course for? 

This course is ideal for aspiring angel investors, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in understanding the dynamics of startup financing. Whether you're contemplating your first investment, planning to diversify your portfolio, or simply curious about how angel investing works, this course will provide you with the essential knowledge and tools.


Lesson one will teach you the essential concepts of angel investing. We will go over: 

  • Understanding the foundations: Delve into the basics of angel investing, including key concepts and legal considerations.

  • Exploring funding stages: Learn about different stages of startup funding and how they impact investment decisions.

  • Navigating the investment process: Gain insights into the step-by-step process of making an angel investment.

  • Risks and rewards: Understand the potential gains and challenges inherent in angel investing.

  • Portfolio management: Learn strategies for managing a diverse investment portfolio effectively.

  • Conducting due diligence: Develop skills to thoroughly evaluate potential investment opportunities.

  • Convertible loans vs equity: Explore the differences and benefits of these two common types of investment.

  • Term sheet negotiation: Gain practical knowledge in negotiating term sheets to secure favorable investment terms.

Lesson two will teach you the theoretical concepts needed to evaluate investment opportunities:

  • Market analysis: Learn to assess the total addressable market and understand market demand, crucial for predicting a startup's growth potential.

  • Product or service evaluation techniques: Develop skills to critically evaluate the uniqueness and problem-solving effectiveness of a startup’s offering.

  • Business fundamentals analysis: Gain proficiency in analyzing business models for scalability and sustainability, alongside understanding financial health and projections.

  • Team and leadership assessment: Discover how to evaluate the competence and experience of the founding team, a vital component in predicting startup success.

  • Operational metrics and traction insights: Understand how to interpret key operational metrics and evaluate existing traction to gauge a startup's progress and potential.

  • Competitive landscape and positioning strategy: Learn to conduct comprehensive competitor analysis and understand a startup’s differentiation strategy in the market.

  • Investment and exit strategy formulation: Master the art of risk assessment and explore potential exit strategies, crucial for planning the return on investment.

You will complete the course with a thorough understanding of all the core concepts in angel investing. Upon graduation, you will gain access to a wealth of resources, including course materials, notes, and additional reading material, and you'll have the option to join the Lumus community as an angel investor.

If you're eager to gain more practice in evaluating startup pitch decks, consider enrolling in the Practical Workshop. 

Live online teaching

Every session is an interactive, real-time journey into the world of investing—no pre-recorded content.

Real investment cases

Practice due diligence, negotiation, and portfolio management in a risk-free environment.

Highly practical

We blend  theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical exercises, ensuring that you graduate with highly practical skills.

Resources for a lifetime

Enroll once and receive lifetime access to an ever-growing repository of course materials and updated industry insights.

Community for life

After a completion of the course, you will be invited to join LUMUS Investment Collective, where you can put your newly acquired skills to practice. 

Expert mentorship

Gain unparalleled access to industry experts and seasoned angel investors who share insider knowledge to help you navigate your investment journey with confidence.

Course guides

Hello, Future Investor is an intimate, safe space for learning about startup investing. It's led by experts from Lumus Investment Collective.


Join us for our upcoming cohort

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Gain knowledge to invest with confidence and purpose.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at ✌️ 

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