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Hands-on workshop

Evaluation of pitch-decks

Due to popular demand, we're excited to offer a workshop for everyone interested in practicing (or learning) what to consider when evaluating startup pitch decks.

Learn by doing.

Real investment use cases. Real founders' pitches. Real-time analysis with instructors.
Insights for a lifetime.

Part 1: Preparation

You will receive a pitch deck and preparation materials that you will use to prepare your questions for the founder's pitch call.

Time required: 1 hour, on your own schedule.

Part 2: Call with a founder 

What to expect? 

You will join a moderated group call with a (real) founder who will pitch their (real) startup. 

Time required: 45 minutes

Part 3: Evaluation of the opportunity 

You will join a call with your fellow learners and instructors. Together, you will go through the evaluation process of the investment opportunity. 

Time required: 1,5 hours

Part 4: Make an investment decision

We won't be investing real money in this workshop, but we will make an investment decision.

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